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Our Programs

In addition to our traditional overnight camps, Camp Koala provides year-round youth care via day camps, support groups,  Comfort Bags, and more.


Our 3-day residential camps are the perfect opportunity for your kid to be a kid again while learning important coping skills for healthy grieving. All camps are free to attend and include fun, thoughtful activities using pet, art, and music therapy mixed with traditional camp games to make their weekend filled with laughs, friends, and memories.

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Our one-day camps are offered to grieving youth in the Union County area. Day Camps are light and fun, and all of our activities are related to Art Therapy, Play Therapy and a healthy expression of your emotions. These camps are not overnight camps, and children must be transported to and from camp each day by their caregiver.

Camp Koala offers 6-week grief support groups in partnership with local schools, hospitals and community centers in the Union County area. For school support groups, you may contact your school counselor to see if they participate. For community center and hospital-based groups, please use the link below to learn more and apply. Support Groups are therapeutic arts and peer-support based and are FUN!



Comfort Bags are offered to funeral homes and school counselors when students return to school after experiencing a death. This is a great way for the Counselor to open a dialogue about their loss while acknowledging this very important change in their life. Often, students are expected to return to the classroom after a loss, without any support. 

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