What to pack for our sleep-away camps:


Sheets for twin bunk bed
Sleeping bag & blanket or blankets (it gets VERY cold at night, so bring extra)
Pillow and pillowcase
Shower shoes/flip flops (not allowed outside of cabin/bathhouse)
Proper footwear (sneakers or hiking sandals only!) No flip flops, etc. are allowed outside of cabins.
Extra shoes (sneakers or hiking sandals) Nobody likes wearing wet shoes!
Raingear-raincoat, boots, umbrella, etc.
Beach Towel (for lake time)
Towel, washcloth
Large (gallon sized) zip-close baggie for wet items
Deodorant-unscented is best
Soap, container-unscented is best (or liquid body wash)
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Shampoo-unscented or lightly scented is best
Sweatshirt or jacket (it gets cold at night)
2 shirts, one long sleeved (we provide Camp Koala t-shirts)
2 pair shorts, one pair long pants
4 pairs socks (the grass is very wet in the early morning and evening)
3 pairs underwear
1-2 pair of pajamas/sweat suit
Flashlight with fresh batteries
Insect repellent
Picture of deceased loved ones(s) for craft project (photocopies don't work well with modpodge)
Bathroom transport bag, for taking your toiletries back & forth to the bathhouse

Please note that these items are prohibited from camp: cell phones, any electronics, money, items such as video games, radios of any kind, and any other valuables. Camp Koala will not be responsible for these items. If any of these items are brought to camp, they will be kept in the staff cabin until the conclusion of camp. Also, please do not bring any kind of candy, gum or food to camp, as these attract insects and animals. All food and snacks will be provided to campers at no cost.